A Baby Story

I know I’ve been mainly blogging about makeup, The Bachelor, and recipes but this morning I got inspiration from an ODD place to write about something more personal.

A guilty pleasure of mine is mindless Lifetime movies. For years, I have watched them and probably killed many brain cells in the process but I just can’t help myself. This morning I was up early before everyone else. I was sitting on the couch with my coffee, enjoying the silence and avoiding social media and the internet. Thirty minutes later I decided to watch a new Lifetime movie I saved on the DVR {don’t judge me lol}. From the info, it said it was about a new mom going through postpartum depression and joins a mom group while unknowingly befriending a crazy person. I appreciated that they included more than just the exciting parts about being a new mom. Usually you see she’s really happy and even has clothes on that aren’t yoga pants and covered in spit-up. The worst they might show is she’s tired. This mother had a mess of an appearance, struggling to breastfeed, not getting enough sleep, recently lost her mother to cancer so didn’t have that support, crying a lot, feeling unattractive to her husband, etc. I related to just about ALL of that. My son just had his 4th birthday last month and this movie inspired me to share his birth story, my postpartum experience, and everything leading up to finding out I was pregnant with him.

In early May of 2014, I learned I was pregnant for the first time. My husband {we weren’t married at the time} and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant so when the test came up positive I was shocked and in disbelief. We were so excited that we decided to drive up north that night to tell his parents in person and I called in sick to work. My mom lived 2 minutes away so we went over and told her in person, too. We didn’t go public but we were slowly telling family members. Mother’s Day was that Sunday and the day just felt really special. The next day at work by 4:00, I started cramping. They weren’t terrible so I didn’t think too much of it. I texted my mom asking if cramping was normal this early {I estimated I was 6 weeks along}. She said yes because your body is basically stretching to make room for the growing baby. The cramps gradually got worse and the worse they got the more nervous I got. I didn’t get off work till 6 and I told my husband what was going on. He tried to say that maybe it was nothing but asked if we should go to the hospital. I tried objecting even though I was in pain because I didn’t want to face my worst fear. As I was crying on the floor in the hallway, he said “We’re going.” I went to the bathroom to change and noticed blood in my underwear. I sobbed as he tried to say it was probably nothing too serious but in my heart of hearts, I knew. I remember us being told to “have a seat” after we told the front desk I was pregnant and bleeding and in pain. They said they couldn’t offer me anything for the pain but I could take Tylenol. He went across three street to get me some and not long after taking it, I had to run to the restroom to throw up. I also had to pee and I had black pants on so I didn’t notice I was covered in blood. I sat on the bathroom floor crying and begging my baby not to leave me. After FINALLY being called back, thanks to an absolute dickhead of an ultrasound tech, I learned I lost the baby. He acted like my goldfish died. The doctor later told me I’d likely pass the baby naturally but if I was still bleeding after a few days to come back in and they’d remove it. I couldn’t believe what was happening. That morning I woke up pregnant and so happy. I went to bed that night the complete opposite. When we left I said I didn’t want to try getting pregnant for awhile. After a couple weeks I was still struggling. My emotions were all over the place. If I was alone, I was crying. I felt angry and betrayed by my body. I felt scared I would never be a mother. I didn’t know if I’d ever feel happy again.

Memorial Day weekend approached and my husband said we should go away for the weekend to the beach to get our minds off everything. It helped A LOT. It didn’t take away the pain I was feeling but it was a start. The next month, I noticed I hadn’t gotten my period. The hospital didn’t inform me of how my cycle would be effected or anything like that so I couldn’t tell if I was actually “late” or not. For the heck of it I decided to take a test. It was positive. It was actually hard to get excited because I thought maybe it was just my hormones thinking I was still pregnant from before. A couple weeks later, still no period. Another positive test. We decided to accept I was pregnant but we avoided telling people until I was further along and the doctor said everything was fine. We didn’t go public {other than family} until I was in the 2nd trimester. By then, I couldn’t hide my belly or why I was eating chicken strips everyday.

A couple weeks before my due date, we were told my son was breech. My doctor said we’d need to schedule a c-section in case he didn’t turn. A week later he was still the same so it was confirmed I’d be having surgery. I was so nervous and uneasy about it. The idea of surgery freaks me out. One of the hardest parts was having to fast prior to going in. I was so used to scarfing down 2 bowls of Oatmeal Squares cereal every morning then eating anything that wasn’t nailed down. I couldn’t even have a glass of water. When we got to the hospital, I had to have all these IVs put in, be hooked up to a monitor, and asked a bunch of questions. One of the nurses asked, “On a scale of 1-10, how are your contractions?” I looked at him and said “I’m having contractions?” He must’ve thought I was this freak of nature because he couldn’t believe I didn’t realize I was having them. Then he laughed and said “Well, I wouldn’t brag about that to any other mothers.” They wheeled me back into the OR by myself so they could give me the spinal block. The anesthesiologist had me nervous cause he had to try a couple times before getting it. After that is when my husband was allowed to come in. My body going COMPLETELY numb was unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life. It was a scary feeling because I thought “They could chop my legs off and I wouldn’t even know.” I had told myself prior to that day “Don’t look at the tools” so I didn’t look around when I was in there. I also didn’t Google anything about it to avoid freaking myself out. I was glad the anesthesiologist told me that it’ll feel like I can’t breathe even though I can. He was right. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest but I had to remind myself I could breathe. Other than pulling and tugging, I did not feel a thing. It was kind of funny because the doctors were talking about crawfish and the Kardashians as they were performing the surgery. Next thing I know, my baby was out and my doctor said “Oh he’s pooping on us” lol. I couldn’t believe he was now here and out of my tummy. When they showed him to us, it was love at first sight. It was so surreal to finally meet him and see what he looked like. He was my husband’s little mini. He got to cut the cord then I got to hold him on my chest for a few minutes before they took him to get cleaned and everything. It wasn’t long enough. After they closed me up I had to be taken to a room to recover for 2 hours. I should’ve slept but I think I was on such a high that I couldn’t. I did try eating some ice and I shortly threw up after. I was throwing up every 15 minutes. Even when they gave me anti-nausea medicine I still threw up. It wasn’t until they FINALLY brought my Brody in that the nausea went away. I just wanted my baby in my arms.

I had to stay an extra day in the hospital because Brody was having latching issues. It was so frustrating because I just wanted to be home. I was beyond exhausted, felt dirty, and missed my bed. Anytime Brody and I would try to sleep, we’d get woken up for something. My husband finally told the head nurse to make sure no one bothered me unless it was an emergency so I could get some sleep. I wasn’t a fan of the lactation consultant either. She wasn’t the friendliest and didn’t make me comfortable with trying to nurse. I had Brody on Tuesday and we didn’t get to leave until Friday. I fibbed a little on his feeding chart and the consultant saw him nurse for a few minutes so we were able to go home. Hallelujah!!

Being at home with a new baby felt exciting but also scary. All the books in the world don’t prepare you for what you’re in for. Nothing prepares you for how sleep-deprived you are {thank goodness for DVR to entertain me at 2 am}, when your baby isn’t latching, how disgusting you feel, the way your body feels, the pain from trapped gas, changing your shirt 7 times a day, questioning if you’re doing everything {or anything} right, hair loss, weight changes, etc. My milk came in but Brody still wouldn’t latch for long, if at all. I became so engorged I was in tears from the pain. Even just wearing a loose t-shirt was painful. I was also frustrated because he needed to eat. My husband went out to Walmart to get me a pump so I didn’t explode. At first, since I was sore, it hurt but then felt amazing to have that relief. I was so full I filled up the 2 bottles that came with the pump. That pump had magic powers or something because after that, Brody latched like it was nothing and never looked back. The only downfall with him latching was it was ALL he wanted to do. If he wasn’t sleeping, he was attached to me. His naps weren’t long so I had to sit there and think “Should I eat? Should I nap with him? Should I prep dinner? The laundry needs folding. The sink is full. But I REALLY need to shower.” I couldn’t do ALL of it. Looking back, I wish I chose sleeping or eating every time. I gained between 40-50 pounds and lost it all and then some due to giving birth, nursing, and not having time to eat enough. He nursed so much that I had to research ways to increase my milk supply. I tried making lactation cookies {those things aren’t cheap}, guzzling water, fenugreek, power pumping {which is a freaking joke, just sayin}, etc. Nothing seemed to help. It didn’t help my stress when know-it-all, judgy mothers from Facebook mom groups put their two cents in. If only they had seen the night where I was sobbing because my baby is screaming because he wants milk and I’m not making enough and my nipples were so sore it was excruciating to even touch them. Or the nights I sat in the bathroom while the shower ran just to calm him down. There were many nights where we’d drive to McDonald’s for smoothies and fries when only a car ride would calm him down. Again, not a soul or book prepared me for all of it. I hated that my usual clean and styled hair became a daily, dirty messy bun. My daily attire became yoga pants and a tshirt or tank top. I always smelled like spit-up and old milk. I became so skinny I looked sickly. I was going more bald by the day. My cute bras no longer fit. I felt so unattractive. I didn’t miss my job but I missed the social interaction and earning a paycheck. I know I wasn’t alone, but I felt alone ALL the time. Motherhood is one of those things where you expect it to be hard, but you never expect HOW hard until that day comes. You think you’re prepared as long as you have the basic necessities for the baby, but you’re not prepared with what YOU will go through.


March Ipsy Bag Review

Happy Friday!! I’m so excited to share my product reviews for this month because I LOVED this month’s bag. I wasn’t sure how I’d like most of the products but I was pleasantly surprised!!


fileAsset (9)

There were 3 different shades of gloss I could possibly get and was given this shade. I was a little bummed because there was a coral option I wanted. I thought this one would look too pink and make me look like some cheap Barbie doll. Surprisingly, the color was pretty subtle and was more like a shimmer. I gave this 4 stars only because the “sparkles” aren’t the easiest to wipe off.


fileAsset (10)

I put this polish on and fell in love. The color is great for spring but neutral enough that it could work for any season. It’s been on my nails for two days and it hasn’t chipped, which is usually an issue for me after painting my nails with certain brands. It’s also non-toxic which is a bonus. I gave this 5 stars.


fileAsset (11)

This was another pleasant surprise. I’m so picky about perfumes and I’ll spend forever in places like Ulta and Bath & Body Works smelling dozens of perfumes/body sprays before I can decide on the perfect scent. I’m not one to buy specific products without knowing what it smells like so I was worried I wouldn’t like this scent at all. It smells great and it reminds me of a perfume I wore in high school. Great to wear for spring & summer! This product is also cruelty-free. 5 stars.


fileAsset (12)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara! I wasn’t blessed with beautiful, long lashes so I’m always trying to find mascaras that give that illusion. Some don’t give enough length, clump up, dry them out, flake, smudge, etc. Not this one! I only needed to put on a couple coats before I got the perfect length I wanted. It didn’t clump my lashes or leave me looking like a raccoon. Out of any beauty product out there, I always cross my fingers every month that I’ll get a mascara in my bag because it’s always the one piece of makeup I wear if nothing else. Tarte has yet to steer me wrong. I gave this 5 stars but would’ve given 10 if they’d let me!


fileAsset (13)

I feel like I’m always looking out for the next best hair product. Whether it’s a deep conditioner, hair serum, coconut mask, etc. I’m looking for it! Problem is it’s hard to tell what’s the best without trying it but it sucks if you end up wasting your money on products that didn’t work. I recently tried a new shampoo/conditioner and ended up not liking it. They smell good but don’t do anything special to my hair. Every time I’m at Target I come across these hair masks and I become intrigued but too intimidated to buy. In my December bag, I got a hair mask and was so excited to try it. I HATED it. I have very thin hair and need all the volume I can get but it weighed my hair down and made it look greasy. I washed my hair this morning with little to no hope that this brand would be any different. My faith in hair masks has been restored. The item description on the site said it wouldn’t weigh my hair down and it was 100% true. After blow-drying, my hair looked clean with no frizz and felt SO soft. It’s also sulfate, phosphate, and paraben-free. Heck yeah! 5 stars.


fileAsset (14)

In my middle and high school days, I loved wearing peel-off masks. I got some weird pleasure out of peeling it off once it dried. This wasn’t one of my five assigned items but when I saw it as one of the “add-on” options, I had to have it. Usually the masks I get are sheet masks, which I’m not a big fan of. They feel so cold putting on and aren’t very comfortable to wear for twenty minutes. I don’t have a special brush so I had to use my fingers. I kind of felt like I was putting Elmer’s glue on my face, lol! My kids looked at me like I had two heads and my son said “What’s that on your face? That’s very strange.” After peeling it off, my skin felt clean and didn’t feel irritated or turn red. 5 stars.

Thank you for reading my reviews!! If you get Ipsy I’d love to know what products you received this month and your reviews, too! I saw a sneak peak of the bag design for April and it’s my favorite one so far. 😍

Bachelor Finale 1&2 Rolled Into 1

I contemplated doing a separate post for each part but 1. I didn’t get enough time Monday night and 2. It’s better I can just pull it all into one and make it easier to read. Hopefully it’s not too long, Haha!


This entire episode just felt very intense and uneasy for me. One thing, however, is I think it’s the most “real” episode of this franchise I’ve ever seen. Even though I continue to watch every season, it does get annoying when the entire thing feels phony, over-the-top, and the remaining couple doesn’t even stay together. It was as refreshing to see as it was hard. But it was annoying that Colton was off in the middle of nowhere feeling heartbroken but “what about his virginity??” Insert eye roll.


Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to this part. It was no shock to me she’d eventually go home and she was never my favorite after all the drama she started. I know she said she was in love with Colton but I didn’t feel it so I didn’t feel any emotion watching their goodbye. I do feel bad for her having to hear WHICH girl he chose. That had to hurt. I don’t think she’ll have a hard time finding love and she’s got a great support system at home. I will end with she looked STUNNING when talking to Chris. Just stunning.


What bothered me about Colton saying goodbye to her was he poured salt in the wound by saying “I thought it would be you.” After that comes the underlining “Buuuuut it’s not. It’s someone else.” He was right to tell her “You don’t deserve to be someone’s backup plan” and my mind went to Rachel’s season. I believed she would’ve picked Peter but since she was wanting an ENGAGEMENT and not just a boyfriend, she went with Brian. I wouldn’t have respected Colton if he said how much he loved Cassie but went with Hannah G. to fit the show’s narrative or “rules.” I appreciate his honesty but I think he was putting the idea in her head that he might realize he made a mistake then change his mind. She even said “I told a producer to let me know if he comes back so I can brush my hair.” During her talk with Chris, I felt like she was kind of talking in circles and I don’t believe she’s not in love with Colton anymore. I believe she doesn’t WANT to be in love with him, but is. Did anyone catch how she told Colton “I never got to explore…..us” and she thought having that final date and the Fantasy Suite might’ve helped? I’ve felt for awhile that she seemed really into getting into bed with him so this made me think she thought having sex and being off-camera would’ve persuaded him in her direction. That really turned me off. I think we will see her in Paradise and I predict she’ll end up with Blake. I just have a feeling, lol!

Also, was the “Will Colton be a virgin forever?” Really, producers??


Even though I had seen spoilers that they’re currently dating, I felt so nervous she was going to leave and hurt Colton again. She has confused the hell out of me these last couple weeks and been very hard to read. I had trouble trying to make sense of why she left. Her reaction to Colton sending the other girls home made me think she felt less-than and if he chose her he might pull an Arie and change his mind. She seemed shocked that he really meant what he said during their last talk. I still question why she chose to sign up for the show knowing it would only be for a couple of months and the end goal is an engagement. Unless she signed up not expecting to be the one he wanted and she realized the seriousness of a proposal? Hometown dates seemed to be when the reality hit for her and I think not having her dad’s blessing was a wakeup call. I’m glad she saw the chance he took to SHOW he loves her and took the chance of going to Spain to meet his family in return. I thought last week her feelings for him just weren’t there but I don’t think she would’ve gone to meet his family if that were the case. She could’ve just gone home but didn’t. I was so happy to see them have their final date and to see her be honest about her fear of being controlled in a relationship. Next to Carly and Evan, I don’t think I’ve seen a happier couple come from this show. Even though their story is unlike any others on the show, you can’t deny how happy they looked. They’re not engaged but an engagement doesn’t mean the relationship will last. {Just Google how many of the engaged couples from the show are still together}. I was hoping they’d get the fairytale engagement story, butterflies and all, but I’m happy they’re at least together and she loves him. {Although, now thanks to Cassie my husband wants to know why I’ve never recorded myself telling him I love him, Haha!} They’re disgustingly adorable and I couldn’t be happier for them. Aaaand I don’t believe for a second he’s still a virgin 😂


Honestly, I heard Hannah B. was the one chosen and wanted to gag. I felt there were plenty of other options and I wasn’t a big fan of hers. I told friends if she’s chosen I won’t watch her season. I think I might’ve changed my mind last night. I didn’t realize how dorky and awkward she is, especially being a pageant girl. I’m considering giving her a chance but we’ll see. I was laughing at how much that 2nd Luke guy looked like Nick but less than impressed with his “down South comment.” Hopefully they have better guys for her to choose from.

What’d you guys think of the finale?? How do you feel about Hannah B.??


Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

I’m typically a breakfast burrito kinda girl but today I decided to be adventurous and change it up. My husband works crazy hours and doesn’t always have time to sit down and eat a good meal. Most nights he gets home after the rest of us are asleep. I prepare his dinner plate in the microwave so he doesn’t have to do it himself. He’s always starving when he gets home and I don’t like when he goes too long without eating something substantial. I like to send him out the door with something that’ll tie him over for a bit. Dinner time is basically breakfast time for him so he can grab one of these out of the freezer and heat it up when he is at work. I love that these are filling and include protein. Here is how I made them…..


7 eggs {for a 6-muffin tin}

1 package of bacon 

1 can of biscuits 

Shredded cheese

Additional toppings {optional}

As I cooked the bacon, I prepared the eggs by seasoning them then whisking them. You can put one whole egg in each part of the muffin tin but I prefer a scrambled egg. Spray your muffin tin with cooking spray before you put in your eggs. I put a little chopped spinach in each one and then topped them with shredded cheese. They bake at 350° for 17 minutes. The biscuits baked for the same amount of time at the same temperature {I love when that happens, lol!}. I used Pillsbury butter biscuits but you can use whatever kind you prefer. Once the eggs cooked, I ran a knife around each one to help it pop out. Once the biscuits cooled for a couple minutes, I cut them in half and layered egg then bacon. I put avocado on the bottom of mine but my husband hates avocado so his don’t have any. You could also add a slice of cheese instead of adding cheese to your eggs. Feel free to get creative!


Women Tell All – Ugh

I wasn’t sure I wanted to bother blogging about last night’s WTA. However, something happened that I felt like I needed to comment on. If you watched all season, you know Onyeka and Nicole did not get along. Of course, it was addressed last night. Nicole said she felt like she was bullied by Onyeka. Other girls were quick to jump in and say “That wasn’t bullying” and “That is not the right word to describe what happened to you.” What bothered me about that was they were basically telling her she had no right to feel that way and disregarding how she felt hurt. I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell someone they’re wrong if they say they’re being bullied. That’s how THEY feel regardless of how the bully in question feels. Instead of saying “I’m sorry you felt like I bullied you. That wasn’t what I thought I was doing” Onyeka stuck to her guns and didn’t think what she said or did was hurtful. Even if Nicole wasn’t 100% innocent, she obviously is very sensitive and doesn’t have the same exterior as Onyeka. Not one girl came to her defense and that was upsetting. This entire group of girls just felt very negative to me as a whole. I know the show isn’t intended for a group of people to make friends but every season it happens, even with the guys. I was going to compare the WTA to a catty 10-year high school reunion but majority of those girls graduated maybe 5 years ago!

Usually I don’t like any of the Bachelor villains. For some reason, I love Demi. I think she was more of a “harmless villain” whereas her fault was lack of maturity. I get the feeling she didn’t have the best role model for a mother and has this wall up when it comes to anything serious. I think the way she acts is not necessarily a mask but just how she chooses to hide any vulnerability. I think she has a lot of growing up to do but I do wish her the best in life and hope to see her on Bachelor in Paradise. Side note: Courtney seriously brought a PACIFIER to the show but in the same breath said Demi had the maturity of a 3-year-old? Interesting.

I keep hearing rumors that Hannah B. will be the next Bachelorette. If she is, I highly doubt I will watch. She’s just not someone I see as a good fit for it. Just because she was talked about a lot this season, I don’t think that makes her a “fan favorite” enough that America is rooting for her and her journey to find love {if that makes sense?}. There are actually girls from other seasons I see as a better fit {Kristina, Danielle M., etc.}. I’m not sure why they think Hannah B. is the best option.

What’s your prediction for next week’s finale?

The Bachelor: Fantasy Suites…?

Normally I don’t watch The Bachelor live and wait till my kids are asleep and watch the recording so I can fast forward through commercials. I couldn’t wait and wanted to avoid seeing spoilers on the internet since everyone would be talking about “the fence.”

I was surprised that they decided NOT to show Colton showering at the beginning of this episode. Especially since this was the Fantasy Suite episode. Maybe they figured he’s clean enough by now? Who knows.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened. Normally, I break down what happened on each date but I don’t feel that’s necessary this time. I will say that this was the first time I felt no spark between Colton and Tayshia. I usually see their great chemistry with some sexual tension but this time I didn’t. I’m sure nerves played a big role but I got the feeling if she was the one he was in love with or close to it, he would’ve been more flirtatious as opposed to playful. I found their date to be a bit of a snoozefest. At one point I found myself paying more attention to those beautiful views in Portugal. If that were me, I’d be begging the producers let me have my phone so I could take pictures. On the “dinner” portion of the day {I used quotes because I swear people on this show never eat}, I still just felt nerves from Colton and more of a friendship vibe than a romantic vibe. I didn’t ever think she would be the one he picks, but I didn’t realize the biggest indicator would be who he chooses to sleep with. Part of me wondered if he’d test his sexual chemistry with all 3. When he told Tayshia “I appreciate you”, that made me believe he doesn’t love her but does see her as a great friend. By him not having sex with her, was a very telling way to indicate she was going home.

Now to Cassie. Oh, Cassie. I almost feel like a disappointed mother. From the very beginning, Cassie was my favorite. I’ve been so happy every week seeing her stay and felt defensive when her intentions were called into question. I always felt she was falling for Colton the entire time. Last week threw me for a loop but I figured this week would change. I found her to be very frustrating and confusing last night. When her dad came to talk to her, I first thought that maybe he was there to say he thought about it and wanted to give his blessing. After Cassie got upset after hearing he didn’t give it to Colton, I assumed that was the editors’ sneaky way of foreshadowing. Colton, in previous episodes, kept making a point to say he couldn’t choose a girl that didn’t feel the same way and didn’t have her father’s blessing. Cassie didn’t give EITHER last week but he still chose her. It was VERY telling for him to say not having her dad’s blessing didn’t matter to him. Usually the editors’ try their best to hide any indicators of who gets picked by doing whatever they can to throw us off. Here they were showing very important details and clues. WHAT!? Colton even referred to her as his girlfriend on the date. I don’t know if that’s EVER happened on this show. It also upset me to hear Cassie didn’t know if she could get there with Colton and wished she had “more time.” {Honey, have you SEEN this show before…?}

My heart truly broke for Colton. He went into the evening thinking it would go one way when it couldn’t have gone more opposite. Is it bad it crossed my mind “Guess Hannah isn’t getting a date?” I mean, here he is laying it all out on the table that Cassie is the one he loves, thinks about only her when he’s with the other girls, will continue to fight for her, etc. It was just a CRAZY situation all around. Am I alone when thinking the most hurtful statement to hear during a breakup is “I hope you find someone that bla bla bla” or no? When she said that it pinched a nerve as I’m sure it felt like a punch in the gut to Colton. I thought it was kind of insensitive of her. It made me put into question if whether or not the rumor about her wanting to be the next Bachelorette was true or not, honestly. She signs up for the show, assuming she knows it’s designed to date someone for a couple months and hopefully ends in an engagement. Again, I’m assuming that was her end goal. I totally get it’s a short amount of time to get to know someone before getting engaged. Also, not even a proposal guarantees the relationship will last so I can’t knock her for having concerns. However, I got the feeling last night she didn’t WANT to let herself fall for Colton. She just kept saying “I don’t know” and “I wish I knew.” Like Colton said, she never gave any signs she wasn’t falling for him {other than not saying it}. I feel like she kind of lead him on, in a way. She kept fighting against what Colton was saying. I mean, he was shaking like a leaf professing his love to her and she couldn’t even get emotional until she LEFT? Ouch, Cassie. I don’t think she should’ve gone on the show if she doesn’t believe a couple months is long enough to know for sure you’re ready to accept a proposal.

It’s been 84 years but he finally hopped the fence. Obviously, he’s okay but YIKES. I never would’ve guessed Cassie would be the cause of it. I am really anxious to see what happens and it sucks we have to wait a week. Women Tell All looks very dramatic, too. Will you be watching??

This Week’s Dinner Plan


Ever since I started writing down a weekly dinner plan, I feel like it’s made life so much easier. Instead of trying to decide every morning what to make, I just look at the chart as I grab my coffee creamer and it’s already decided. It also gives me a chance to marinade meats or do any necessary prepping. I’ve had so many nights where I’ve had to resort to anything easy because the day got away from me and completely forgot to prepare anything. Something as simple as writing out a plan makes all three difference.

Today we did our grocery shopping and bought our meat and produce in bulk. Here is the dinner plan for this week:








My husband and I alternate weeks on deciding what we’ll eat for the week. We always include one or two nights for leftovers. It helps us keep the fridge cleared out, not waste any food, and sometimes it’s just nice simply not having to cook or have extra dishes to do. Depending on the meal, the leftovers get used for lunch, too. Lately I’ve been wanting to try different recipes since I feel like I make the same meals too often. Food Network and Pinterest offer great ideas! What meals are popular in your house?